Touch Screen Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Product details

Classical Design Touch Screen Keypad Password Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock for Smart Homes

Product Specifications



Diamond Black、Grey






6.5 kg


Panel Material

Zinc Alloy、Acrylic


Lock Body Mortise

304 Stainless Steel #6068 Mortise


Fingerprint Sensor

Biometric Semiconductor Module FPC


Unlocking Mode

Fingerprint、Password、RFID Card、Mechanical Key


User Register Capacity

Fingerprint 200、Password 10、RFID Card 10


Identification Time



False Rejection Rate



False Acceptance Rate



Door Thickness



Operating Temperature



Operating Humidity



Power Supply Type

4 AA Alkaline Battery


Battery Life

12 Months


Low Power Alarm

When Blow 4.8V(100 times at least)


Emergency Power

USB Charging Port









1 Year

Product Features and Details

1. Multiple Unlocking Method

This Fingerprint Door Lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, RFID Card as well as mechanical keys.

2. Biometric Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

3. English Operating System and Voice Prompts

4. Anti-Peeping Virtual Password Technology

5. With built-in doorbell and anti-theft beep alarm function.

6. Touch screen keypad, you can see crystal clear numbers at night.

7. Free-style Handle

Swing the handle up to turn the privacy deadbolt to double lock mode. 

8. C-Level Lock Cylinder and Stainless Steel Lock Body Mortise

9. Powered by 4pcs AA alkaline batteries, which can last for as long as 12 months.

10. Low Power Alarm and USB Charging Port for Emergency Power Supply

11. The Opening Direction of The Door

A: Left Push     B: Right Push     

C: Left Pull       D: Right Pull

Delivery Method

Our Advantages

High Quality

We regard product quality as the fundamental basis and have a professional and effective quality control system which is strictly applied in the whole production process, from the material importing period to the complete product testing period before shipment !

Satisfactory Service

With qualified product knowledge, smooth communicating skills and consideration towards our partners and clients, we regard satisfactory service as the ultimate value and we are serious about anything related to it, no matter it is big or small !


We regard innovation as the core competence and we are constantly struggling for it. Only in this way can we continually provide high quality products and satisfactory services to our partners and clients !


1. What is the warranty policy for Jieyaa smart door locks?

We offer 1 year warranty for free ( except for man-made damage) and for bulk OEM order we provide 1% spare units and some main spare parts, which makes it easy for you to handle the aftersales service locally. If beyond warranty period, we can also offer spare parts and maintenance with paid service. We will always provide technical support along the aftersales service period.

2. What is the MOQ?

The MOQ is 1 piece and we support our customers taking samples for testing first.

3. How many unlocking modes are available for Jieyaa Smart Door Locks?

Normally, for a fingerprint door lock, it can be unlocked by fingerprint, card, password, as well as mechanical key. While, for some models, they support smartphone Bluetooth WiFi App remote unlocking function.

4. How is Jieyaa smart door lock powered and how long will it last?

Most of the smart door locks are powered by 4pcs AA Alkaline batteries and it will last for around 12 months.

5. How do I know and what should I do when the battery for the smart lock is running out?

Once the power voltage is lower than 4.8V, there will be a warning alarm every time when you unlock the smart lock(at least 100 times before running out). If the battery is already running out, you can either use the mechanical key or emergency power(use power bank to charge the USB port) mode to unlock the smart lock.

Qualification and Certificate

Factory Photos 

Related News and Knowledge

Smart locks enable "keyless entry" to make the home safer

Mechanical lock is the most widely used type of lock at home and abroad. However, with the rise of the intelligent home industry, the basic needs of life have been unable to meet people's needs. Today, with increasingly strong safety, convenience and personalized needs, mechanical lock is obviously not quite in line with the needs of The Times. Nowadays, many families have started to use intelligent locks, which will be a choice for the advancement of society and times.

Intelligent lock is a kind of intelligent door lock different from traditional door lock, which USES intelligent technology in user identification, security and management. Now on the market, the domestic intelligent door lock, the lock core level is generally much higher than the national standard A, B level lock core, for the super B level lock core, the lock core unlock principle is complex, the technical opening time reaches more than 270 minutes, and some fingerprint locks need A fingerprint to be able to open, the thief once encountered this kind of lock will have nothing to do. Intelligent door lock has a variety of alarm methods, low voltage alarm, to avoid battery power; Error prompt alarm, password fingerprint input error, automatically remind alarm. Multiple protection to avoid malicious damage and accidents. The safety level has been greatly improved.

Anti-theft lock: according to the internal lock core structure principle is different, anti-theft lock can be divided into bullet lock, leaf lock, magnetic lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock, etc. Bullet locks and magnetic locks are common. Things like a lock, a cross lock, a computer lock all belong to a bullet lock.

Fingerprint lock: it is an intelligent lock with human fingerprint as identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint lock generally consists of electronic identification and control and mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and unrepeatability of fingerprint determine that fingerprint lock is the most secure lock in all locks. Fingerprint lock in addition to fingerprint identification, according to national regulations, will be added with emergency mechanical key module. 

Combination lock: open with a series of Numbers or symbols. Passwords for combination locks are often just permutations rather than real combinations. Some combination locks use only one turntable to rotate several discs or cams in the lock; There are also some combination lock is a set of rotating a number of engraved wheel ring, directly drive the lock internal machinery.

Smart door locks vs. normal door locks

1. How it works

After the ordinary lock is opened, you can see the upper side is groove -- the direction of the back of the key, the other side is a row of holes, holes are different length of copper column and spring outside with aluminum seal. Usually the copper column because of no force and pop half, and block the rotation of the large copper core. When the corresponding key is inserted, the copper column contacts the tooth on the key, forming a regular curve that dodges a gap in the large copper core, allowing it to rotate. Turning the lock open is simpler. Intelligent lock system consists of intelligent monitor and electronic lock. The two are placed in different places, and the intelligent monitor provides the power supply needed by the electronic lock and receives the alarm information and status information sent by it. Using the line multiplexing technology, the power supply and information transmission share a two-core cable, which improves the reliability and security of the system.

2. Internal structure

For instance common door secret lock, pull lock, cruciform door secret lock, although their style, construction, size is not identical, but unlock principle is identical however. The principle of these locks is exactly the same, mainly because their locking centers are round objects. The intelligent lock coil is sealed in the card, which is not easily affected by external influences and has a longer service life. There is no mechanical contact between the radio frequency card and the reader, which avoids various faults caused by contact with the reader. Adopt the electronic parts such as the micro switch of the imported motor, the performance is stable and reliable.

3. Safety technology

In the field of security technology prevention, the intelligent lock with anti-theft alarm function replaces the traditional mechanical lock, which overcomes the disadvantage of poor safety performance of mechanical lock, and makes the intelligent lock greatly improve both in technology and performance. With the development of large scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single chip microcomputer, the emergence of intelligent lock with microprocessor, it not only has the function of electronic lock, but also introduces intelligent management, expert analysis system and other functions, so that intelligent lock has a high security, reliability, and increasingly wide application.

Features of intelligent lock

There are various ways to unlock: fingerprint, password, card, id card, SMS, remote control, network, mechanical key, etc.

Intelligent alarm function: u-shaped free handle design, can effectively prevent external violence damage, when the current panel is seriously deformed or manually pried open, the door lock will sound alarm and notify the owner through wireless equipment;

User management function: dismiss nanny or staff cannot change the lock, the door lock is set, the original staff will not be able to unlock the original fingerprint, password.

Double authentication lock opening function: after the door lock is activated, ordinary users must use password + fingerprint or other two ways to unlock;

Function of aging limitation of door key: the authorized use time of the key can be set through the door lock, for example, the use time is: 2019-5-20 16:10 to 2019-5-20 22:10, otherwise, the door cannot be opened.

Intelligent lock is the product born with the continuous improvement of Internet and Internet of things technology. Smart phone, intelligent lock and other intelligent terminals can be formed into a management system through an APP to realize real-time unlock and management functions, and finally connect with the intelligent home system as a whole. With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, our life has undergone essential changes. Smart family -- smart community -- smart city, smart is definitely the trend of future global life, and the era of "keyless entry" is coming!

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